Nicotine Free Vaping Offers Positive Alternative

Vaping is popular for a number of reasons, but many may not realize vape juice with no nicotine is not only available but popular, among the electronic cigarette community.

Reasons for No Nicotine Vape

There are several reasons for the no nicotine vape. Some of those reasons include:

  • People are using the nicotine free vape juice as a smoking cessation product in order to stop smoking.
  • Those who vape like the juice flavours, but don’t want to become addicted to nicotine.
  •  People want to participate in the social vaping culture, where they can make friends and hang out.
  • They want to satisfy their vaping needs but don’t want children to be affected by the presence of nicotine.

Many who want to start vaping may not realize that nicotine is optional in vape juices. This helps those who want to stop smoking be successful. According to a two-year study by doctors at the Moores Cancer Center and the University of California showed those who participated in electronic cigarette use over a longer period of time had more success in kicking the cigarette habit than those using who vape for a short period of time.

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Healthier than Cigarettes


Specifically, the study said long-term vapers had a 72.6 percent success rate using vapes as a smoking cessation product, compared to 53.8 percent who start vaping and quit in a short period of time. Those who try to stop smoking without vaping only had a 45. 5 percent success rate, according to the study.


It is obvious using a vape juice with no nicotine is far healthier than cigarettes. A research paper published by The National Academy of Sciences Engineering and Medicine stated that vape juices have low levels of toxicants than tobacco cigarettes. Testing shows electronic cigarettes are a healthier alternative to cigarettes. This makes them a good smoking cessation product, according to health officials.


A couple of other benefits of nicotine free vaping is it reduces high blood pressure and doesn’t leave your throat hit with the harmful chemicals in cigarettes that can cause cancer.


Array of Choices


There are a number of choices among 0mg vape juices for those who simply enjoy juice flavours, but don’t want high nicotine levels. Some looking at nicotine free vape juice turn to the 0mg nicotine e-liquid. E-liquid is required in all vape devices to create the vapour. Nicotine free e-liquid comes in different base rations between propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin.


A fact many people may not know is the juice flavours are typically created by food or fragrance companies. Both flavourings and nicotine can be customised to the vaper’s desire. Nicotine free vape juice can come in almost any flavour, from tobacco to cotton candy and chocolate cake. The no nicotine vape always contains sweeteners.


Nicotine strengths vary between 1 percent to 5 percent. Some common strengths are the super low 3 mg/ml and the 36 mg/ml on the other end of the high spectrum.

Exotic Flavours


Some of the best 0mg vape juice are those with sweet and exotic flavours. Cosmic Fog Chewberry is a fruity mix of passion fruit with strawberries. Puff Dragon e-liquid contains the mild and sweet flavour of dragon fruit and V2 Platinum chocolate e-liquid has the flavour of creamy, rich chocolate.


Other 0mg vape juices come in flavours like daquiries, lemon, menthol and coffee. They can be completely customised to suit individual taste.

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Vape Flavours by the Country


The uniqueness of flavours does depend on where people live. There are certain flavours more popular in some countries than in others. Some popular vape juices in the United States are Five Pawns, Cosmic Fog and Suicide Bunny, while Clouds of Icarus is the top brand in the Philipines and those in Malaysia like fruitier juice flavours like Mystree and Half & Half’s Watermelon Lychee.


Likewise, a lot of Europeans veer toward the Malaysian brands because of their high safety standards, quality and taste, making the country a top producer of some of the best 0mg vape juice.


The United States is known for complicated, rich flavours. Those who choose a U.S. Brand tend to have a highly developed taste that combines several flavours to create unique blends. One of the most popular U.S brands is Black Note E-liquid. It has a rich tobacco flavour because it takes the taste from non-GMO tobacco plants grown in Italy. These plants are put through an eight-week process to pull out the flavour used in the 0mg nicotine e-liquid.


Another high-quality vape juice is the MYLK Vape Juice, which recently made the list of top e-liquids. This product is unique because its creators blend the most popular juice flavours like banana, strawberry and green tea. It forms the flavours into a creamy milk that is delicious and smooth.


The vaping culture revolves heavily around interesting and unique juice flavours. Vaping connoisseurs often spend time discussing their flavour combinations with other enthusiasts. It is a way to make friends and enjoy free time.

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Vaping Safety


Many vaping enthusiasts look for nicotine free vape juice to protect children from the effects of nicotine. Without nicotine, there are no effects from second-hand smoke when compared to traditional cigarettes. These vape juices alternative prevents addiction in children, which is a positive for many vaping enthusiasts who are parents.


While a child may be attracted to vape liquids because of their attractive smell and flavours, it is best to keep all these products out of reach of children.


Those who are looking to start vaping should consider how the vape liquids are made. Some are made with a higher quality than others and under different conditions. You should always consider both the flavourings and nicotine levels when choosing what to use to satisfy your vaping needs. Some with other health issues would be wise to consult a physician before you start vaping.


Many will find that the no nicotine vape suits their lifestyle and health concerns related to nicotine after effects. It’s a proven alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes. There is a vape juice that meets all your needs for tastes, cost and culture.

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