Throat hit experience



Throat hit is vital for most vapers, especially ex-smokers who use vapes as smoking cessation products. When vaping, many factors contribute to the intensity of a throat hit including nicotine levels, and the contents in your vape juice.

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Vaping without nicotine: everything you need to know about nicotine free vaping


Whether you are new to vaping or not, you have probably heard about no nicotine vape. There are lots of myths surrounding nicotine free vaping, and it is yet to gain popularity among many vapers, new and old. Can you find vape juice with no nicotine? How does no nicotine vape help? This article seeks to answer all your questions about nicotine free vape juice.

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VapeVandal Fcukin' Flava Juice

Fcukin’ Flava Doesn’t Give Two Fcuks

The saying, “Imitation is the best form of flattery” rings true for Fcukin’ Flava. Back in 2015-2016, during the rapid rise of Malaysia’s own vape scene, Fcukin’ Flava was at the cusp of penetrating the international market after having done considerably well locally. While the ejuice heavy-hitter was slowly introducing itself to the international vape trade at expos and curb side vape shops, back at its home ground of Malaysia, the market was being bombarded with imitation-brewers riding on the success of this ejuice powerhouse.

After much revision and a witch hunt for the fake brewers to boot, it revitalised its brand and flavors and came back with a vengeance.

Currently, Fcukin’ Flava is already an established brand in Malaysia. It has rebranded itself twice, hedged itself against the volatile ejuice supply market with an attractive packaging for its line of flavors and taken steps to combat fake flavors with its own hologram QR code stickers.

To date, it boasts a full line of ejuices from its namesake brand to FFX and to its Godzilla juices. To maintain relevancy in this ejuice-rich market, Fcukin’ Flava once again reintroduces its line of juices in sleek 50ml bottles that come in black, white or red.


#1 Fcukin’ Munkey
The best seller out of Fcukin’ Flava’s new line of juices is a fruity honeydew/bubblegum combo best described by purchasers on Vape Vandal as nice and easy, not too sweet and not too chilling, perfect for an all-day vape.


#2 Freezy Mango
#3 Philippines Mango
Second best by popular vote would be Freezy Mango followed by Philippines Mango in third place. These two fruity mango flavors have proven to be resilient in the Malaysian ejuice market oversaturated with mango vape brands. Both ejuices have been brewed to offer two distinct flavors that set them apart from each other and other mango flavors in the market. Freezy Mango has a sweet, cooling, sour tinge while Philippines Mango is quintessentially exotic with a few other fruits mixed in to provide an underlying tartness that assists the sweetness of the mango to dominate the juice.

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16 E-liquids to Break Fast with This Ramadhan

The holy month of Ramadan is upon us once again. This annually-celebrated event marks the beginning of the fasting month for muslims around the world. Besides refraining from consuming foods and liquids among others, the fasting month of Ramadan is also a time to refrain from smoking and vaping. So we’ve compiled a list of the best juices to vape on after breaking fast.

In order to list the flavors down systematically, we’ve split them into nine categories; caffeine, fruity, creamy, candy, sour, drinks, tobacco, menthol and desserts.

*All ejuices featured are ones listed on Vape Vandal’s website.


Anna & Jane by Anna & Jane

Anna & Jane by Anna & Jane

Although Anna & Jane is primarily butterscotch-based, but the underlying flavour of coffee really brings out that much-needed kick for caffeine junkies thus making it one of the best-selling coffee ejuices in Malaysia. Five years on and this brand is still holding its own in the industry.


Honorable mention: Starfcuks – Mocha

This milk coffee and chocolate blend is a lawsuit waiting to happen. But if its defense in court is anything like the flavour, then I’m pretty sure we’ll have a winner right there.



Horny Mango by Horny Flava

The Horny Flava series has been a hit locally and internationally when it was introduced to both markets. One of its bestsellers, Horny Mango, is a mouth-watering sweet and simple mango concoction that stands out from the rest of the locally brewed mango ejuices.

Honorable mention: Mango by Cloud Niners


Cloud Niners is well know as a cloud chasing ejuice brand. This brand of mango is more for the cloud chasing vaper. Although its taste and fragrance is on par with most best selling mango juices out there, the appeal is in the 70vg/30pg cloud chasing ratio.

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A dark day

It’s a very dark day for the Malaysian vape scene. Numerous shops had been raided by authorities today with countless eliquids seized. We’re watching closely for developments but, fingers crossed, hoping things will not change materially to affect this industry that has served people (globally) so well and created jobs that have shown many the way that they never thought possible.
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