Purchasing cheap e-juices is wiser sometimes

Smoking is a very risky activity that causes premature deaths amongst half of the smokers worldwide. Fortunately, vaping as a smoking cessation tool helps to reduce health risks for ex-smokers by 95%. Vaping is also cheaper than smoking. Therefore, it frees up money for other expenses in your household.


Once you decide to start vaping, you’ll need to start things offer by buying a vaping device and a bottle of vape juice. New vapers tend to be confused by the plethora of vape device and vape juice options available in the market. It is advisable to begin vaping with a starter kit or cig-a-like, and work your way up to complex devices.

On the market, you are bound to find premium and cheap e juice. When choosing between the two, consider your budget, taste, and preferences. Sometimes it is wise to buy cheap vape juices if you are operating on a small budget, but here are a few things you need to know.

Purchasing vape juices and devices


You can find both cheap vape juices and pricier but high-quality vape juice in vape stores. Most vape stores sell vape devices and e-juices, so you do not have to look for a separate seller to buy your vape device. Make sure that you purchase these products from a trusted vape store online or in a physical store near you. Also, ensure that you understand how to use these products before buying them. Improper use of vape devices can pose the danger of fires or explosions.

If you choose to vape on cheap vape juices, it is essential to keep in mind that while you will save some money, your entire vaping experience at risk. The number of people who have had a distasteful experience after purchasing cheap e juice is alarmingly high. Cheap vape juices reduce vaping enjoyment. Besides, they can also lead to health complications because they are not tested; thus they are not safe.

Some cheap vape juices are made in dirty labs where employees do not wear safety gear. As a result, they expose the vape liquids to lots of contaminants. This is not to say that there are not clean, cheap e juice labs.

Most mixologists of cheap vape juice lack well-defined recipes. Therefore, it is hard for them to make an e juice bottle that tastes exactly like the previous. This does not mean that you cannot find good cheap vape. There a lot of vapers who enjoy cheap vapes, but premium ones are more gratifying.

Whenever you can, invest in a bottle of premium vape juices like the ones sold on this site and you’ll find it worthwhile. If you smoke and vape at the same time, high-quality e-liquids can help you give up smoking because they are well balanced and can replicate the feeling you get after smoking a cigarette.

Mistakes to avoid when using the cheap vape


Here are the expensive mistakes that you should avoid at all costs with a cheap vape.

Blending vape juice flavors

Some vape juice flavors may seem like they taste magical when blended. If you are using cheap vape juice, remember that it has not to be mixed by experts. Hence, combining two or more flavors can imbalance the PG/VG as well as nicotine content greatly, resulting in a bad vaping experience such as a powerful throat hit or harsh taste.

When you mix two bottles of vape juice, and they end up tasting horrible, your e juice will be wasted, and you’ll have to clean out your tank. Thus, you should allow the experts to blend flavors for you. However, if you really want to DIY blend some flavors for yourself, make sure that you get high-quality products such as the products on this site.

Using the same e-juice over and over

Vapers try several cheap e juice flavors before settling on one that they like best. Finding a great tasting cheap vape juice does not mean that you should not try other flavors. While you can make it your all-day-vape, using only one flavor limits your chances of enjoying new blends from manufacturers. Besides, cheap vapes barely nail the same flavor twice. Therefore, you might buy an e-juice bottle that tastes good once, and then buy a series of horrible tasting ones before landing on one that tastes good again.

When you use the same flavor over and over, you are at a higher risk of developing “vape tongue,” a condition that reduces the ability to taste a flavor. Vapers who suffer the vape tongue are forced to use other flavors to reset their palates so that they can be able to taste their favourite flavor again.


Mishandling nicotine

Cheap vape juice can force you to use some DIY steps (such as adding nicotine) to make the juice taste better, produce better clouds, or produce a stronger throat hit. When DIYing, your skin can accidentally come into contact with nicotine which can cause sickness and poisoning.

Make sure that you use specified containers to store your nicotine. Do not use household items for storage. Also, store the containers away from the reach of children. Children are naturally, and they can ingest or inhale nicotine, which can cause health issues or even worse, death!

Always ensure that your nicotine bottles are sealed and that they have no holes that can cause contact with the skin. Wear gloves when handling diluted nicotine as it can be absorbed through the skin. Do not forget to label your mixing kits. Labelling helps to prevent cross-contamination.

Improper e-liquid storage

Vape juice bottles have very attractive labels, and some of their names are very attractive. When you leave them near children’s’ reach, they might end up confusing them for edibles. E-liquids are highly toxic and direct ingestion can lead to poisoning and death. Cheap e juice might have more contaminants if it is manufactured in unsanitary conditions. These contaminants can worsen or speed up e-juice poisoning. Make sure you store your e-cigarettes and e-juices away from children.

Using too much nicotine

If you are used to too much nicotine when smoking, vaping high levels of nicotine might not harm you. However, if you have never smoked before or you are weaning down on nicotine, too much nicotine is not good for you. Fortunately, e-juices have their nicotine content written on their bottles. However, the amount written on cheap vape juice might not be exact because dubious mixologists might have used faulty scales or they might not have used any scales at all. Thus, you should always buy your vape juice, even cheap vape, from a reputable seller. If you are not sure which nicotine content is the best for you, choose the lowest or ask a health professional.

Not staying hydrated

When you vape often, you get dry mouth/cotton mouth. This side effect can be combated by drinking plenty of water throughout the day.

Keeping things dirty

Cleanliness helps to improve one’s vaping experience. Make sure you do daily, weekly, and monthly maintenance. Replace your e-cig tubes and screens to ensure that the vapor it produces is as clean as possible.

Dry hitting


PG and VG content influence an e-liquid’s viscosity. VG based e-liquids are more viscous than PG based ones. Cheap vape juice can have its PG/VG content indicated wrongly. Typically, VG e-juice lasts longer because it is thicker and it takes longer to heat up compared to PG based e-juice. If you are a seasoned vaper and the content VG content indicated is more than there really is in a cheap vape, you might overestimate the time the e-juice will last and end up getting dry hits.

Improper handling of batteries

Batteries are vital to the functionality of any vape device. If mishandled, they can short circuit, overheat, and cause fires and explosions. In one unfortunate case, a man’s vape device in Gopeng exploded when he was using it and injured his lips. He had just lighted it up and was about to take a puff. He got six stitches on his lips and has since quit vaping.

Batteries can explode if they are:

  • Overworked due to vaping above recommended voltage
  • Stored inappropriately
  • Used while they’re charging
  • Overcharged
  • Counterfeit
  • Faulty

It is worth noting that not all batteries can explode. To avoid an expensive explosion, ensure that you:

  • Buy batteries from trusted brands
  • Use the correct charger to charge them and unplug them soon as they are fully charged
  • Dispose of damaged batteries
  • Store batteries at the right temperature

If you spend $50 per month smoking, you can spend less than that every month, with vaping. However, vaping can also be expensive if you choose to use high-quality accessories, premium vape juice, and luxury vape devices. Regardless of the vape juice and vaping helps you to quit smoking, and it reduces the chances of getting sick by 95% while at the same time, saving you money. If you are having trouble choosing a vape store to buy from, buy your vape juice online form Vape Vandal, the number one Malaysian vape juice store globally. It is cheap, reliable, reputable, and authentic. Besides, their flavors and blends are balanced, and their e-juices are traceable, tested, and safe.

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