10 Bestsellers no nicotine vape juices

Every vaper who uses vape juice with no nicotine looks for the bestselling e-liquid that will take his quest for clouds or flavor to the next level. Unfortunately, finding the best 0mg vape juice for some flavors can be quite challenging. Many no nicotine vapes fail to have impeccable taste, and in return, they do not give you value for money. However, these nicotine free e-liquids will take your vaping to the next level with their flawless flavors and unique features.


Cloud Niners – mango cloudniners_creamymango

Experience the rich taste of Malaysian mango flavors with cloud Niners – mango. Cloud Niners is one of the bestselling no nicotine vape juice brands. Its vape liquids are widely loved for by cloud chasers for their large vapor production.

The cloud niners – mango blend adds a new twist to the existing mango flavors with its extra creaminess. With a VG/PG ratio of 70/30, this vape juice is perfect for blowing immense clouds on any occasion. Not to mention, you can use its fruity sweet taste to curb sugar cravings and cool off any time of the day. Cloud Niners – mango gives a rather sublime vaping experience; thus it is the go-to e-liquid for vapers who do not want any throat hit.



Cloud Niners – pineapple cloudniners_2017_pineapple_grande

Cloud Niners – pineapple is a pineapple flavored e-juice that gives you a rich tropical sensation as you vape. If you love citrusy flavors, this 0mg nicotine e-liquid serves as a great alternative to the regular lemon and orange flavors. This vape liquid makes is top on the best sellers list because unlike other pineapple flavors, it does not leave a bitter aftertaste and its taste is not overpowering.

Despite being a single fruit flavor, it is richness stands out. It is a high VG juice, with a 70/30 VG/PG ratio, perfect for cloud production. Its sweet, juicy, and fresh tasting vapor will tickle your taste buds. It has a refreshing, cooling sensation and it is gentle on the throat.



AJ Vape – mango blackcurrant image_2755ae2d-eef9-480e-831c-51bd14f4b967_grande

AJ Vape mango blackcurrant is a sweet blend of rich Malaysian mango and blackcurrant. It has a 50/50 PG/VG ratio. This best seller no nicotine vape juice is a top choice for flavor chasers because it is abundant in PG, which carries flavor well. Though its VG content is medium, it still produces a generous amount of vapor. This should be your top choice nicotine free vape juice if you want to get dense clouds without sacrificing flavor. AJ Vape – mango blackcurrant gives a perfect throat hit, not too weak and not too strong. It is also gentle on your coils, giving them longevity.



Cloud Niners – peach lime cloudniners_2017_peachlime_grande

A vibrant mix of sweet peach and citrusy lime. Cloud Niners- peach lime is one of the most sought-after flavors by vapers across the board, and it is very popular in Europe. Cloud Niners- peach lime strikes a balance between sweet and sour, giving off a taste that will tickle your taste buds. It is a high VG vape juice, 70/30 PG/VG, which sits well with cloud chasers. Its unique tacky and citrusy yet sweet taste makes it quickly become an all-day vape for most users. It has a cooling effect which makes it ideal for vaping on hot days. This vape juice with no nicotine enhances coil longevity, and it produces a weak throat hit, helping vapers avoid uncomfortable sore throats. Besides, it is low in PG hence it will not give you a dry mouth.



Cloud Niners (creamy) – cookiescloudniners_2017_cookies_grande

The cloud niners (creamy) – cookies is the ultimate flavor to satisfy your sweet tooth. It is a creamy series produced by the renowned cloud Niners fruity flavor brewers. Upon inhalation, it delivers a crunchy cookie dough flavor. When you allow it to sit in your mouth, you’ll realize more chocolate and vanilla flavors as the vapor opens up. As you exhale, the flavors come together, giving off a superbly balanced cookie flavor. Cloud Niners (creamy) – cookies produces the perfect throat hit (neither too harsh nor too gentle). Its high VG content Cloud Niners (creamy) – cookies make it stand out from other creamy flavors as it is one of the few creamy 0mg nicotine e-liquids that support cloud production.



Cloud Niners – strawberry cloudniners_2017_strawberry_grande

This flavor is widely known for its rich fruity freshness. Vapers who are familiar with strawberry flavors complain of having a hard time finding the right taste. Cloud Niners – Strawberry actually nails the strawberry blend taste profile, hence its popularity. It is a high VG vape juice with no nicotine (70/30 VG/PG). It gives a powerful kick in the throat, but it is not too harsh. This bestseller 0mg nicotine e-liquid is gentle on your coils. However, it is not as gentle as the other vape liquids discussed above, so if you are making a switch from one of them, you’ll notice that your coils will wear out faster. But what is coil longevity compared to getting a perfect strawberry flavor?



Fcukin’ Flava – Philippines Mango fcukinflava_2017_box_philippinesmango_grande

The Fcukin’ Flava – Philippines Mango no nicotine vape juice is a 50/50 PG/VG blend. This means that it is ideal for both vapor and flavor production. This vape juice is a blend of real ripe mangos and mixed tropical fruits. It gives off an exotic flavor with a slight cooling yet soothing effect. It can quickly turn into your all-day vape, especially during the hot months.

If you are looking to enhance your vaping experience, Fcukin’ Flava – Philippines Mango should be at the top of your list. It conveys flavor and vapor well and in equal measure, offering you balance. The throat hit is perfect, and the vape juice is not too bad on coils.



Fcukin’ Flava – Freezy Mangofcukinflava_2017_box_freezymango_grande

Like all flavors in Fcukin’ Flava, Freezy Mango is delicious and flavorful. It is a 50/50 PG/VG blend which balances flavor and vapor production for vapers who want a little bit of everything. It has the real taste of green mangoes – it is a little sweet and sour – allowing you to experience vaping on a whole new level. That combined with its cooling effect, quickly takes you to cloud nine. You get real value for money for this all-day vape worthy nicotine free e-liquid. The kick in the throat is perfect, making it an ideal smoking cessation product for light smokers.



Brewtender – Lemon Mojito (cocktail series) Brewtender_MojitoLemon01_grande

Brewtender – Lemon Mojito (cocktail series) is an elaborate blend that incorporates the robust flavor of lemonade and some rum and mint leaves. It is has a slightly cooling effect making it the ultimate choice for hotter days. It gives off a rather strong throat hit, due to its minty flavor. However, the throat hit is not uncomfortable. This Brewtender cocktail series is one of the best 0mg vape juice for cloud production as it is a 70/30 VG/PG blend. The new version does not contain alcohol.



Cloud Niners – blackcurrantcloudniners_2017_blackcurrant_grande

Cloud Niners – blackcurrant vape juice with no nicotine is one of the most popular e-liquid flavors. It is high in VG content (70/30 PG/VG), and it has a rich blackcurrant flavor that will tickle your taste buds. Its taste is slightly acidic. Hence it gives off a strong throat hit. The cloud nine – blackcurrant is not bad with coils, and its freshness and cooling sensation will take your vaping experience to the next level.

People who vape nicotine free prefer fruity, creamy, and dessert flavors that offer them the right kick in the throat. The best sellers discussed above will provide you with maximum flavor, and a satisfying painless throat hit. They are suitable for new vapers and ex-smokers as smoking cessation products.  For more of the best 0mg vape juice flavors, please visit our store now!


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