Ever since the advent of e-cigarettes, the popularity of vaping has skyrocketed globally. This article would be discussing the topmost ‘ace‘ best selling vape flavours in Australia among the ‘Ridgy-didge, Dinkin die Aussie’.


malaysia vape juices1. Fcukin Flava – Fcukin Munkey

This exceptional vape flavour is an all-time favourite and a best seller. It has a sweet and unique taste of honeydew with a delicate blend of bubble gum, plus the cooling effect which is trusted to satisfy you. Fcukin Munkey is an all-day vape for people that love candy and fruity flavours. With 50ml volume and nicotine options of 0/3/6mg.

malaysia vape juices

2. Fcukin Flava – Philippines Mango

The definitely must try exotic vape flavour of Philippines Mango and other assorted fruits that have a pinch of cooling effect. As a new flavour,  this could be your new All Day Vape favourites. Available in 50ml, rich in tropical Mango with mixed fruit and contains mild menthol with the selection 0/3/6ml level of nicotine.

malaysia vape juices3. Fcukin Flava – Freezy Grapes

Freezy Grapes by Fcukin Flava is a delicious grape flavour that’s sweet, juicy and tart with a mint undertone. It comes with nicotine free 50ml bottle e-liquid, and also an option to add-on a 10ml of 3mg nicotine shot for nicotine lover. Alongside with 50/50, PG/VG ratio throat hit.

malaysia vape juice

4. Fcukin Flava – Freezy Mango

Freezy Mango is a delicious and strong flavour e-liquid. Comes in a 50ml bottle, an amazing all-day vape juices! Fcukin Flava Freezy Mango which will definitely satisfy your vaping experience. The real taste of green mangoes along with a punch of sweet and sour taste with strong cooling makes you feel like floating in the cloud nine. Available in a high or low menthol volume and a 50/50 PG/VG ratio of throat hit.

malaysia vape juices

5. Horny Flava – Horny Mango

Horny Mango, one of the best Malaysian e-juice. Horny Mango is popular for its mouth-watering and it can capture your taste buds for a long time. This can definitely be your next all-day vape with a superb mango flavour and pleasurable feel. Available in a 65ml with 3mg nicotine and throat hit of 50/50 PG/VG ratio.

malaysia vape juices6. Cloud Niners – Banana

An amazing banana rich flavoured e-liquid with the high content of VG. This exotic Cloud Niners Banana e-liquid is very soft and sweet. The fragrant while inhaling will makes your tastebud addicted and wanting for more while the exhaling ends with a cooling sensation. Comes in a 60ml bottle and 3mg nicotine. It has a throat hit of 30/70 PG/VG ratio. This Cloud Niners Banana e-juice is definitely a must try.

malaysia vape juices7.Cloud Niners (Creamy) – Cookies

Originated in Malaysia, the Cloud Niners Creamy Cookies is nominated as the ultimate flavour. The sweet creamy flavour with high VG content (PG 30/70 VG) is simply perfect for the cloud chasers. While inhaling, sweet flavour with a bit of crunchy cookie dough will fulfil your craving for desserts. Its capacity is 60ml with a nicotine level of 3mg.

malaysia vape juices8. AJ Vape – Mango Blackcurrant

AJ Vape is widely regarded as the most recognized brewers in Malaysia. AJ Vape Mango Blackcurrant is a mix of sweet mango and blackcurrant that will definitely have you coming back for more. Its 50/50 PG/VG content provides excellent flavour. It is available in a 50ml capacity with a nicotine level of 0/3mg.

malaysia vape juices

9. Phatjuice – Graple

Phatjuice Graple is a grape flavour twisted with crisp apple and paired with icy-freshness. One of the best-selling juices of all time, a punchy flavour of red apple with a mild cooling effect. Available in a 50ml short fill and comes in a chubby 60ml unicorn bottle with extra 10ml for your chosen nicotine shot. Both 3/6mg of nicotine level.

malaysia vape juices

10. Drip Addict – Grape Bubblegum (Purple Haze)

For grape flavour lovers, you’ll definitely love Drip Addict’s Purple Haze. The mix of grape bubblegum flavour, this will definitely appeal to those who love both fruity and candy flavours. Available in a 55ml volume with a nicotine level of 3mg. Throat hit of 40/60 PG/VG  ratio.


malaysia vape juices

11. Binjai XL – Grapest

Binjai XL Grapest is a grape soda flavoured e-liquid that has a lesser cooling sensation result as a refreshing all day vape.  Binjai XL Grapest is a carbonated grape juice flavour that accompanies with a mild cooling sensation. A refreshing e-juice for those who love grape drinks. It is available in 55ml with 6mg of nicotine and 50/50 PG/VG ratio.


malaysia vape juices1. Fcukin Flava – Freezy Pineapple

Want to explore the exquisite taste of pineapples with a bit of cooling effect? It is possible with Fcukin Flava Freezy Pineapple. It has a unique taste of fresh ripe strawberries and a hint of jello upon exhaling. For the Fcukin Flava vape fans, this is the ultimate e-juice for the summers. Take your vaping experience to the next level with this frenzy of pineapple e-juice! Available in 50ml with the selection of 0/3/6mg nicotine. Throat hit of 50/50 PG/VG ratio.

malaysia vape juices2. Fcukin’ Flava – Strawberry Jello (Cool Berry)

This  Malaysia berry flavour vape contains all the freshness of berries with appropriate cooling effect with some hint of jelly which makes this e-juice perfect for an all-day vape. As the blend of berries and mint is definitely must worth trying. For the cloud chasers, this is the perfect opportunity to enhance their overall vaping experience and get something inventive in the category of e-juices. This bottle is available in 50ml bottle and has options of 0/3/6mg nicotine level along with mild menthol and comes in a 50/50 PG/VG ratio.

malaysia vape juices3. Horny Flava – Pineapple

Horny Pineapple – Horny Flava, a specially made premium juice with sweet and refreshing e-liquid. Strong pineapple flavour that will excite your taste buds. Lovely taste that you cannot get enough of. Since its a single flavour, it is perfect for mixing with other e-liquids. If you love fruity e-juice blends, take this as a combination. Available in a 65ml bottle and options of 3/6mg nicotine level. With low mint menthol and a 50/50 PG/VG ratio of throat hit.

malaysia vape juice4. Cloud Niners – Peach Lime

This Cloud Niners Peach Lime e-liquid is the latest edition of the collection and now it has become one of the top-selling vape juices. It has a signature cooling effect and perfect for invigorating your vaping experience. There is no other vape juice that able to compare the feeling of this flavour on a hot day. The taste is tacky and citrusy at the end with a note of peach. Available in a 55ml bottle and nicotine level of 3mg. Contains mild menthol and a throat hit of 30/70 PG/VG ratio.

malaysia vape juices5. Cloud Niners – Strawberry

Cloud Niners Strawberry, a rich strawberry-flavoured high-VG e-liquid that actually the strawberry taste profile. For strawberry blends lovers, you will definitely enjoy the refreshing and sweet blend. It’s one of the most popular strawberry blends, especially in Europe. Available in a 60ml bottle and its nicotine level of 3mg/0mg. Each flavour contains high menthol and comes in a 30/70 PG/VG Ratio.

malaysia vape juices6. Bangsawan (Blue) – Strawberry Apple

This Malaysia vape juice may come labelled as “The Lord” instead of Bangsawan. Rest assured that they’re the same product from the same maker. The best fruity flavours come from Malaysia and Bangsawan Strawberry Apple is an excellent fruity flavour. This rich strawberry with crisp apple is a juice perfectly for everyone. Available in a 65ml bottle and with nicotine level of 6mg. Also contains medium menthol and comes in a 30/70 PG/VG ratio.

Of course, there is an endless limit to all the fantastic vape juice outlined above. There are still a significant host of great flavours not included in this list which can be purchased at Vape Vandal. Each flavour recommended is based on the consumer for the respective country,  there is no bias or a sponsored product by any party.

Still not sure which one to purchase? Watch the video below to get a glimpse of what other vapers who tried talk about these juices:

Horny Flava Series Review

Fcukin’ Flava Series Review


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