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17 Malaysian Vape Juices (マレーシアベイプ リキッド) Flavors Loved in Japan

Malaysia vape juices (マレーシアベイプ リキッド) are getting more and more popular in Japan. We at Vape Vandal have seen significant growth orders from Japan and we have taken the time to compile a list of the most popular and recommended flavours (お勧め) amongst our Japanese customers.

Best Sweet マレーシアベイプ リキッド Flavors in Japan (スイートヴェイプ) 🇯🇵

vape juices malaysia1.Chunky Juice – Orange Soda (No Nicotine)

The first on this list is the Chunky Juice – Orange Soda. The product has an orange soda taste and is perfect for people that want to satisfy their sweet tooth. It has a juicy orange flavour with a mixture of soda and contains no nicotine. A bottle has a capacity of 60ml and contain mild menthol. The cloud density of the juice is PG 30/70 VG.

malaysia vape juices

2.Horny Flava – Horny Mango

Horny Mango is Malaysia’s best premium mango e-liquid at the moment. It is mouthwatering and stays in your taste buds for a long time. No doubt that this can be your next all day vape with a superb mango flavour and pleasurable feel. Available in 60ml, and the vape juice has three nicotine (ニコチンレベル) levels 0/3/6mg with low mint content and a cloud density of PG 50/50 VG ratio.

malaysia vape juices

3.Chunky Juice – Rich Grape (No Nicotine)

If you love the taste of grapes,  Chunky Juice- Rich grape is your best choice. It has a juicy rich grape flavour and contains mild menthol. The bottle contains 60ml and a30/70 PG/VG ratio of throat hit with 0mg nicotine.malaysia vape juices

4.Fcukin Flava – Fcukin Munkey

This Fcukin Munkey is an all-day vape for those who love fruity and candy flavours. It has a natural Honeydew taste with a hint of bubblegum. Also, check out our previous review on Fcukin Flava’s White Series. It is blended perfectly with high-quality flavouring, which will satisfy you and make you feel like you are on cloud nine. It has 0/3/6mg of nicotine levels and contains mild menthol. The bottle capacity of 50ml with PG/VG ratio of 50/50 throat hit.

malaysia vape juices

5.Basic Vapor – Music and Vape (Passion Fruit)

This top Malaysian vape has the taste of passion fruit. With a rich passionfruit flavour, the vape juice is perfect for people that want to try something sweet. It is nicotine free and has a capacity of 60ml. It has medium menthol and a cloud density of PG 30/70 VG.

malaysia vape juices

6.Basic Vapor – Sakura Milk Tea

The Sakura milk tea has a creamy dairy and Sakura tea taste. Topped with the fresh redolence of Sakura to deliver a rich and aromatic finish and come with the legendary bottled tea. It has a nicotine level of 3/6mg along with cloud density of PG 30/70 VG and 60ml bottle with mild menthol.

malaysia vape juices

7.Chunky Juice – Mango Mix (No Nicotine)

The Chunky Juice Mango mix find its way on the list with its fat juicy mango mix and sweet mango taste. It is nicotine free and has medium menthol in it. The bottle comes with 60ml with a ratio of PG30/70VG.

malaysia vape juices

8.AJ Vape – Mango Blackcurrant

AJ Vape Mango Blackcurrant is a mix of sweet Mango and Blackcurrant and it will definitely have you coming back for more. The Brewers are the most recognized brewers in Malaysia. It has the sweet taste of mango and blackcurrant. It has a nicotine level of 0/3mg with high menthol content. The capacity is 50ml and it has a cloud density of PG 50/50 VG.

malaysia vape juices

9.Cloud Niners – Mango

A perfect blend of fragrance and mango flavour. The inhaling sensation is very sublime and vaping experience is just inexplicable. It has the sweet taste of mango and contains medium menthol. It has a nicotine level of 3mg. it has a capacity of 55ml and ratio of PG 30/70 VG.

malaysia vape juices

10.Basic Vapor – Banana Milkshake

 This Malaysian vape juice definitely makes the list with its thick and creamy banana milkshake flavour. For people who love the taste of banana then this is the perfect vape juice for them with its sweet milky banana taste. It has nicotine levels of 3mg/0mg. The bottle is 60ml with a ratio of PG 30/70 VG. It has medium menthol content.

malaysia vape juices

11. For Clown – Lykos (Lychee Blackcurrant)

It will freeze you away to heaven. A blend of sweet lychee and cool blackcurrant that will freeze you away, both juicy fruits combo will make you clown for more! It has a sweet Lychee and Cool Blackcurrant taste. It has nicotine levels of 3mg/0mg. The bottle is 60ml with a ratio of PG 30/70 VG. It has high menthol content.

malaysia vape juices

12.Fcukin Flava – Freezy Mango

Fcukin Flava freezy mango is a delicious (おいしい) and flavorful vape juice. It will certainly satisfy you with its green mango sweet and sour taste plus the cooling effect that will surely keep you floating on cloud nine. Its capacity is 50ml and has a nicotine level of 6mg/3 mg/ 0mg. it may have low or high menthol content and has a cloud density of PG50/50VG.

Best Sour マレーシアベイプ リキッド Flavors in Japan (酸っぱい) 🇯🇵

malaysia vape juices

1. Basic Vapor – Vintage Classic (Lemon Sangria)

An all-time favourite of citrus lemon and refreshing cola mix finishes with a fruity (フルーティー) sangria aftertaste to provide soothing and chilling sensation for the hot summer. With its Citrus Lemon and Cola Mix taste, it is certainly a great choice for people that like to go for less sweet taste. It contains menthol and has a nicotine level of 3mg/0mg. The capacity is 60ml and it has a ratio of PG 30/70 VG.

malaysia vape juices

2.Brewtender – Lemon Mojito (Cocktail Series)

One of our more elaborate blends takes the robust flavour of lemonade and throw in some rum and mint leaves – connecting each with just the right amount of freshness. It has the taste of lemon and rum/mint leaves, the mint leaving a refreshing taste in the mouth. Its capacity is 60ml and has a nicotine level of 3mg/0mg. it may have low or high menthol content and has a cloud density of PG 30/70 VG.

malaysia vape juices3.Chunky Juice – Strawberry Watermelon (No Nicotine)

A Chunky juice product makes the list again but this time the vape juice has a sour taste. The Malaysian vape juice is a juicy mixture of strawberry and watermelon. With a unique sour taste of strawberry and watermelon, it is perfect for those who want to go for fruity vape flavour (フルーティー) without the sweet taste. It is nicotine free with a capacity of 60ml. it contains menthol and has a  ratio of PG 30/70 VG.

malaysia vape juice

4.AJ Vape – Peach Lemon

This AJ vape has a superrich blackcurrant taste. The peach and lemon vape combine the peachy sweetness with the zesty-ness of the lemon making it a just the right vape flavour for you to try if you are a fan of peach and lemon. It has a capacity of 50ml and its nicotine level is 3mg/0mg. it has a ratio of PG 50/50 VG and has high menthol content.

malaysia vape juice

5.Fcukin Flava – Smashin Lemonade

Experience the perfect blend of lemonade and tangerine with this vape and you will definitely want more. It is perfect for your All-Day-Zingy! It has the taste of fresh lemonade and tangerine and has nicotine levels of 6mg/3mg/0mg. The capacity of the bottle is 50ml with the ratio of PG 50/50 VG. It has medium menthol content.

Watch the compilation video for more expression and reviews by well-known Youtubers. Get any of the above now at Vape Vandal, worldwide delivery available!

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