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Fcukin’ Flava Doesn’t Give Two Fcuks

The saying, “Imitation is the best form of flattery” rings true for Fcukin’ Flava. Back in 2015-2016, during the rapid rise of Malaysia’s own vape scene, Fcukin’ Flava was at the cusp of penetrating the international market after having done considerably well locally. While the ejuice heavy-hitter was slowly introducing itself to the international vape trade at expos and curb side vape shops, back at its home ground of Malaysia, the market was being bombarded with imitation-brewers riding on the success of this ejuice powerhouse.

After much revision and a witch hunt for the fake brewers to boot, it revitalised its brand and flavors and came back with a vengeance.

Currently, Fcukin’ Flava is already an established brand in Malaysia. It has rebranded itself twice, hedged itself against the volatile ejuice supply market with an attractive packaging for its line of flavors and taken steps to combat fake flavors with its own hologram QR code stickers.

To date, it boasts a full line of ejuices from its namesake brand to FFX and to its Godzilla juices. To maintain relevancy in this ejuice-rich market, Fcukin’ Flava once again reintroduces its line of juices in sleek 50ml bottles that come in black, white or red.


#1 Fcukin’ Munkey
The best seller out of Fcukin’ Flava’s new line of juices is a fruity honeydew/bubblegum combo best described by purchasers on Vape Vandal as nice and easy, not too sweet and not too chilling, perfect for an all-day vape.


#2 Freezy Mango
#3 Philippines Mango
Second best by popular vote would be Freezy Mango followed by Philippines Mango in third place. These two fruity mango flavors have proven to be resilient in the Malaysian ejuice market oversaturated with mango vape brands. Both ejuices have been brewed to offer two distinct flavors that set them apart from each other and other mango flavors in the market. Freezy Mango has a sweet, cooling, sour tinge while Philippines Mango is quintessentially exotic with a few other fruits mixed in to provide an underlying tartness that assists the sweetness of the mango to dominate the juice.


#4 Strawberry Jello
In fourth place on Vape Vandal’s website is Strawberry Jello. This refreshing berry mix comes with a hint of candy jelly and a cooling aftertaste. According to one review on the website, this sweet little berry mix with a hint of strawberry and jelly doesn’t require you to increase the wattage on your vaping device in order for you to enjoy it. Every little bottle serves you with a sweetness that makes this juice an all-day vape right from the start.


#5 Smashin’ Lemonade
Fifth in the line of amazing ejuices from Fcukin’ Flava is Smashin’ Lemonade. It wasn’t up until a year ago that the local Malaysian vape scene was introduced to the flavour range of sour and tartness. Prior to that its only flavour gauge was fruity and creamy. However, as more and more Malaysians and international consumers are getting better acquainted with experimental flavors, the more there is a demand for flavors veering off the conventional fruits and cream range of ejuices. Enter Smashin’ Lemonade; a blend of lemon and tangerines that gives vapers a wake-up call to variety of other flavors out there in the market with each inhale and exhale.

Fcukin’ Flava’s line of ejuices wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t mention at least one creamy flavor in the series. Next up at number six of Fcukin’ Flava’s all-time bestsellers on Vape Vandal’s website is its Blue Label (Cheesecake Graham). This blue-bottled heavy-hitter serves up the classic taste of cheesecake paired with a delicious graham crust exhale that makes creamy ejuice fans wanting more.


Notable mentions
A few other notable mentions in the Fcukin’ Flava black-bottle lineup include Frosty Hacks a damn-near perfect recreation of that timeless menthol cough-drop candy; Yummay Guava, a sweet and sour guava juice that remains a fan-favorite of Parisians; Ribena, which is packaged in their new line of white bottles, which recreates that loveable childhood blackcurrant vitamin-C supplement beverage; Butterscotch Vanilla (Yellow Label), one of its signature creamy series which mixes sweet butterscotch with a rich, creamy vanilla and brown sugar combination and Honeydew Blackcurrant which is self-explanatory, up until you try it and realise, the given title just doesn’t give it justice.

All Fcukin’ Flava ejuice are brewed with its signature cooling menthol effect. However, for vapers that just want a relaxed inhale sans cooling aftereffect, they can opt to select the abovementioned flavors that come in the red packaging that offer a low menthol option for your vaping desire.

Vape Vandal carries the complete line of Fcukin’ Flava black, white and red bottles as well as the brand’s line of FFX ejuice and Godzilla juice. Each bottle is brewed with a 50:50 pg/vg ratio and comes in Omg, 3mg and 6mg nicotine options.

Visit Vape Vandal for the complete list of Fcukin’ Flava ejuices and see for yourself how mind-blowingly amazing each puff can get.

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