16 E-liquids to Break Fast with This Ramadhan

The holy month of Ramadan is upon us once again. This annually-celebrated event marks the beginning of the fasting month for muslims around the world. Besides refraining from consuming foods and liquids among others, the fasting month of Ramadan is also a time to refrain from smoking and vaping. So we’ve compiled a list of the best juices to vape on after breaking fast.

In order to list the flavors down systematically, we’ve split them into nine categories; caffeine, fruity, creamy, candy, sour, drinks, tobacco, menthol and desserts.

*All ejuices featured are ones listed on Vape Vandal’s website.


Anna & Jane by Anna & Jane

Anna & Jane by Anna & Jane

Although Anna & Jane is primarily butterscotch-based, but the underlying flavour of coffee really brings out that much-needed kick for caffeine junkies thus making it one of the best-selling coffee ejuices in Malaysia. Five years on and this brand is still holding its own in the industry.


Honorable mention: Starfcuks – Mocha

This milk coffee and chocolate blend is a lawsuit waiting to happen. But if its defense in court is anything like the flavour, then I’m pretty sure we’ll have a winner right there.



Horny Mango by Horny Flava

The Horny Flava series has been a hit locally and internationally when it was introduced to both markets. One of its bestsellers, Horny Mango, is a mouth-watering sweet and simple mango concoction that stands out from the rest of the locally brewed mango ejuices.

Honorable mention: Mango by Cloud Niners


Cloud Niners is well know as a cloud chasing ejuice brand. This brand of mango is more for the cloud chasing vaper. Although its taste and fragrance is on par with most best selling mango juices out there, the appeal is in the 70vg/30pg cloud chasing ratio.



Cookies by Cloud Niners

This ejuice is a creamy lover’s wet dream. On the inhale, you get the taste of crunchy cookie dough while every exhale gives you the taste of chocolate and vanilla. This juice’s high VG, a staple of Cloud Niners, is also perfect for all those cloud chasers out there.


Honorable mention: The Raccoon by Gravy

Technically not a creamy flavor as the tartness of the jam overwhelms the creamy taste of peanut butter, but the combination makes for one great vape. Although the jelly is sweet enough to overpower, but set your mod at just the right temperature and the taste spectrum will change considerably into a smooth creamy ejuice that keeps you vaping all night long after breaking fast.



Godzilla #2 Sugus by Fcukin’ Flava

Fcukin’ Flava is no stranger to being featured on lists of the top eliquids. However, its Godzilla ejuice, although somewhat laxed of late, deserves a spot as the best candy ejuice to vape after breaking fast. A perfect blend of strawberry and orange gives you a playful reminder of that iconic Swiss chewy candy we used to eat when we were kids.


Honorable mention: Frosty Hacks by Fcukin’ Flava

Some would argue that Hacks candy is more cough drop than candy, but Frosty Hacks is a damn-near perfect recreation of that timeless menthol cough-drop candy that kids and adults love. For an after meal vape, this comes in handy to cleanse the palate and wake up the appetite.


Smashin’ Lemonade by Fcukin’ Flava

Smashin’ Lemonade by Fcukin’ Flava

This palate-stimulating ejuice is a blend of lemon and tangerines that gives vapers a wake-up call  with its culmination of tangy flavors in one bottle.


Honorable mention: Sekitele by Kemudi Rd Brewers

Technically an ejuice that belongs in the candy category, but in this situation, it should be filed under ‘Sour’. Each puff gives you that perfect skittles taste that comes complete with the sourness we used to get when eating them. It’s perfect for waking up your tastebuds for breaking fast.



Fizzy Orange by Mohawk and Co

This ejuice brand is famous for its fizzy drinks lineup of flavors and we must say, they don’t disappoint. Fizzy Orange’s unique blend of flavors perfectly recreates Fanta’s Orange drink. It’s low menthol so the combination is perfect for a warm day or an after meal vape.

Fizzy Kola by Mohawk and Co

Honorable mention: Fizzy Kola by Mohawk and Co

A personal favorite, Mohawk and Co does wonders with its drinks line of ejuices. Perfect in every puff with a steady kola taste in every inhale and exhale, this is one flavor that’s proven to be consistent every time it’s vaped.



Tobacco Vanilla by Red Velvet, The

Vanilla with a tobacco undertone, this ejuice is perfect for that tobacco taste ex-smokers crave for after a meal.


Honorable mention: Black Maria by Abang King

Black Maria’s oriental tobacco blends perfectly well with a complex nuance of vanilla uplifting its flavour profile. Much like Red Velvet, The’s Tobacco Vanilla, it’s tobacco flavor is enriching and satisfying.



Fcukin’ Munkey by Fcukin’ Flava

For menthol-infused flavors, Fcukin’ Munkey’s honeyydew/bubblegum combo is the clear winner in this category. It’s nice and easy, not too sweet and not too chilling, perfect for an all-day vape.

Strawberry Soul by Project ICE

Honorable mention: Strawberry Soul by Project ICE

Despite strawberry being a staple flavor in many ejuices, it’s difficult to find one singular strawberry eliquid that can stand on its own. However, Strawberry Soul is one of them. For menthol lovers, this ejuice packs a punch. It also comes with an additional cooling booster for the absolute freezing experience.


allout mango grande

Mango (Bingsu Series) by All Out

This was a surprise to us. It wasn’t a flavour that would grab our attention simply because it was a mango juice. However, the Bingsu (a popular Korean shaved ice dessert) series caught our tastebuds from the first puff. This blend of milk, vanilla and mango perfectly recreates the Korean dessert.

Villacruze Pie by Soul Creamy

Honorable mention: Villacruze Pie by Soul Creamy

This was another ejuice that caught us by surprise. It has an extremely creamy vanilla taste on the inhale but with a telltale hint of pie on the exhale that we can’t quite put out taste buds on. But hey, we’re not complaining.

Visit VapeVandal for all the ejuices mentioned above and many more for all your breaking fast needs.

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